More on the Atlantic’s Scientology Debacle…

The always thoughtful Dan Gillmor weighs in, underscoring just how much work digital journalism has to do when it comes to transparency and independence…

The rub:

Every day, it seems, we see traditional boundaries – which were always less rigid or tall than journalists pretended – being breached by the old guard, who’ve been panicked by the revenue implosion of the past decade. Many of the new players, especially in the social part of the media ecosystem, have jettisoned the traditional tactics almost entirely.

Read it here.

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An Excerpt from

CUNY professor and long-time Nieman Lab contributor C.W. Anderson is out with a new book, Rebuilding the News: Metropolitan Journalism in the Digital Age. This is a book well worth a look — it might very well augment some of the material in Chs. 3 and 5 of Principles of American Journalism.

The subject of his book is, fundamentally, why news organizations responded so poorly to the disruptions of the Internet — or, as he puts it, a “study of the legacy systems that made the news organizations I studied behave in deeply irrational ways.” has an excerpt here.


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A Nice Discussion of Objectivity, and “The View From Nowhere”

Much of Ch. 8 of the Principles of American Journalism tackles issues related to this discussion: Is the status of objectivity as a sacrosanct principle of the journalism industry beginning to weaken?

Here is a timely example, as Paid Content summarizes the New York Times’ ombudsman’s recent take. It contains a ton of great links as well…



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Welcome to the Principles of American Journalism Blog!

With the first edition of Principles of American Journalism soon to hit bookstores, we thought we’d start posting links as they pop up that will add to the discussion. We want this blog to be a living, breathing space for discussion and inspiration as we begin teaching from the book together, so dive right in!

A couple of recent links worth keeping on hand include “Journalism is not Narcissism,” a great piece for classroom discussion, and a handy New Year’s list, “10 things every journalist should know in 2013.

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