How the Colorado Media Scene Has Changed…

This is a topic we visit in Ch. 5 of the book, so we were delighted to see this great analysis by Poynter on the state of journalism in the Rockies, which highlights a lot of the themes we discuss. This is a great resource for bringing the discussion right up to the moment!


Some Brighter Financial News…

You might want to hold off writing the obituary for the print media…as this year begins, Poynter highlights three notable reports share the same conclusion about the future of news: The path we are on is uncertain and debatable. But two of the three studies now see an extended economic shelf life for print, even as audiences swing digital and the search for viable digital news products continues.

It’s a great post jam=packed with interesting research you can use in the classroom to contextualize the print/digital chaos…



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An Excerpt from

CUNY professor and long-time Nieman Lab contributor C.W. Anderson is out with a new book, Rebuilding the News: Metropolitan Journalism in the Digital Age. This is a book well worth a look — it might very well augment some of the material in Chs. 3 and 5 of Principles of American Journalism.

The subject of his book is, fundamentally, why news organizations responded so poorly to the disruptions of the Internet — or, as he puts it, a “study of the legacy systems that made the news organizations I studied behave in deeply irrational ways.” has an excerpt here.


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